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How Do I Get My Kids to Read The Bible?

I often get asked how do I get my kids to read their Bibles. I will share a few tips at the end but this question got me thinking…

Have we accidentally normalized not talking about God in all we do?

But normalized doing it only at devo time in the morning or at the dinner table?

Yep ✔️ check that off the list, screen time here we come.

God tells us exactly how much we should talk about His word with our kids;

“And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”
Deuteronomy 6:6-7

When you’re taking a walk, when they complain, In the car, when fights break out, when anxieties rise, when fears creep in, in trial, when discussing politics and worldview.

The world will tell them how to handle these things, we have a better way.

Our basis for every little bit of advice, encouragement, and discipline we give should be rooted in God’s word, the Bible is how we hear from God and his words are for our best!

Speaking the truth to our kids in love is also an invaluable gift to them. Being harsh and condemning and yelling Gods words will not have a beneficial result.

Yes let’s pray for our kids during those times but may we also pour upon them the blessing of hearing Gods transforming truth!


Guess what? My kids often struggle to read the Bible because I believe screen time has made their attention spans so short and the dopamine hits so great compared to reading. (True for all of us) However I know the value of storing Gods word In their hearts in my own life and others lives.

I have heard many stories of marriages healed because of people applying Gods word, of young adults struggling through depression only to be freed because of God's word. Or of people who were arrested for their faith and while in prison, were brought through because they knew Gods comforting, life giving truths!

~In the summer I give them a time limit of 15 minutes to be in Gods word. I find the time limit helps them dig deeper. After they are done ASK THEM what they read, did they have any questions etc.

~ Before bed they are encouraged to journal and read but I don’t force it here

~ Memorize scripture and share with them what you're memorizing!

~ Read the same book/chapter that they are so you can discuss your findings, questions and joys. You might have to dig deeper to answer their questions, share how you did that with them!

~ In discipline USE Gods word to remind them why we live and act as we do - not because mom and dad said so, but because God called us to this standard and His ways are for our good. If they are following God, not just obeying their parents, they will continue long after they leave our home.

~ As they get older test them, how does God call you think and act here? (Based on His word)

TRULY sharing His word with them in every area seems to be the most fruitful for retaining Gods truths. We often remind one another of the verse we are memorizing and see it’s application in our lives.

When they read their Bible they can go deeper and cross reference etc.

🤍This will be imperfect!! But be patient as God is patient with us. Remember how faithful He is to us all as He draws us and our children to Himself, and uses His word to correct, encourage and remind us of His character, how comforting to remember!

Pray for yourself and your kids to have a desire to be in and love His word, His word that is truth!

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